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3D Crystal has been producing 3d technology and custom 3d photo crystal keepsakes since 2004. Our customers aren’t just satisfied, they are blown away with the 3D intricacy of what we create from just standard jpeg photos provided.


We are the best in the 3d crystal space in what we do not just because we think that to be the case. We’re awesome at what we do because we believe in what we do. We believe in our premium quality 3d crystal products and what it’s all about.


Our very successful founder Riyaz Datoo was working with Proctor and Gamble back in the late 90s. He was selling a cleaning product for fruits and vegetables called “Fit”. A lot of buyers back in the day were apprehensive about giving this particular product a shot because they were afraid of spraying what was perceived as a chemical. They thought that simply washing it off with water was good enough. However, Riyaz didn’t go to the battle unarmed and in the end he proved them wrong.


He had meticulously done his homework and knew exactly what he had to do to persuade them to go all in. Since Riyaz knew and deeply understood the product formulation and the science behind “Fit”, he didn’t think twice about his bold move and unapologetically drank it right in front of them


Riyaz believed in the product so much that the people he was selling it to started to believe in him and what this product could do for them as well. They had no idea what they we’re in for at that time and he definitely opened their eyes and blew them away on what this cleaning product was truly capable of.


His unwavering faith in “Fit” is exactly the same with 3D Crystal but this time around, he is the CEO of a fast-growing innovative company. This is the reason why we are a team and we have no doubt about the quality of our products.


We know that every 3d custom photo crystal that we produce is a masterpiece on its own because it goes through a careful and diligent process. Our team is very proud to say that we operate over a dozen industrial laser systems manufacturing some of the most sought after, exquisite and to die for crystal products using our in-house software, called cockpit3d.


Our authentic and original products are absolutely backed up by years of innovation and research. We truly understand the science behind it and this is why nothing comes close to the true work-of-art that 3D crystal offers.


When we manufacture and sell crystals, we ensure that whatever it is that we’re producing and sending out really represents us. We ensure that we’re confident and very proud about whatever it is that is shipping out our doors. We ensure that everything that’s going out those doors has our signature. We know that consumers understand the difference. They can tell when a company passionately believes that they’re selling the best.


We always strive to deliver the best possible custom laser engraved crystals and go the extra mile. We make sure that we consistently put our best foot forward to provide our customers the best 3d laser gifts and memorabilias that will last for generations to come.


We’re also really passionate about sharing what we know to aspiring 3d crystal entrepreneurs. We want the best for them and we want them to grow the 3d crystal industry as quickly as possible with us. This is why we’re enthusiastic to give back and provide unique 3d business solutions to the community.


Sharing the ins and outs of the 3d crystal business and the high tech laser engraving technology is something that we’re genuinely willing to do to the best of our abilities. Having said that, this is not just merely about encouraging competition but also about encouraging collaboration as well.


We believe that the smartest way to grow is to work with others. We don’t want to benefit from this on our own. We also want to exponentially grow and share our 3d business success with others.


So if you’re interested to grow with us then don’t hesitate to check out this link. Let’s grow our businesses together and work on improving the legacy and what the custom 3d photo crystal industry stands for as well.

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