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Have you ever wondered how 3D Crystal became successful? It all started with an idea unlike any other. Riyaz wanted to employ 3d scanning technology and combine it with laser technology to create a unique keepsake that would be cherished for eternity.


Riyaz knew he had a revolutionary idea and wanted to take charge of this vision. He took the risk and with perseverance, and much dedication innovated a solution that has commonly become known as 3D Crystal.


He founded 3D Crystal back in 2004 and ever since inception, its been full steam ahead. He took a risk of leaving a day job that was considered the “norm”, a safe 9 to 5 career, and in the years thereafter, his leap of faith has benefitted not only the development of 3D Crystal, but many entrepreneurs seeking to start their own business in this industry.


Riyaz and his team are working hard to continuously provide amazing custom made 3d crystals. With the help of a revolutionary software called “cockpit3d”, any photo or image can be digitally enhanced by their team and turned into a high quality 3d format. These 3d laser engraved crystals can then be used as gifts, souvenirs and other giveaways for a variety of big and small events.


With over 70 billion people on the planet and a distribution marketplace at our fingertips, there’s no time better than now for you to consider selling 3D Crystals as well. If you’re looking for the best 3d glass engraving gifts to sell, look no further! We have what you’re looking for. Check out our 3d laser engraved products by shape and occasion here.


We always strive to look for new techniques to make our laser engraved photo crystals evolve. In line with this, we also want you to evolve so we offer valuable training for aspiring entrepreneurs like you to learn how to meticulously craft these 3d photo crystal keepsakes. Once you learn how to use crystal 3d technology and turn it into the best 3d crystal format, you’ll be ready to etch it into any crystal size or design of your choice.


Competition is healthy but collaboration is healthier. Let Riyaz and his team help you get started. Click this link right here for more information on how to sell the best quality custom photo crystal products.

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