3D Crystal Notched Plaque Horizontal

Our Horizontal 3D Crystal Notched Plaque is rectangle award and incentive with deep faceted notches along the perimeter. The unique cuts make it stand out for the recipient to proudly display on their desk or mantel. We can model any image / photo into 3D and pair it with custom inscription to make the glass award special and unique for the worthy recipient. This custom award can have any logo, image, or text inscription desired. It’s a brilliant custom plaque or glass recognition piece for any deserving candidate.

 Backgrounds are REMOVED. Feel free to ZOOM IN to the person’s faces.>


  • Compatible file extensions to upload: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp


    • 250 AED

    This option delays your delivery by an average of 3 days. We will send you an image showing the placement of your photo in crystal.

    If you prefer to pay for this option of keeping the background, make sure it is not of a white wall or blank blue sky OR your 3D Crystal will look inferior.

    • (max file size 100 MB) Custom Video Message (available only along side the purchase of a light base) 55 AED
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